Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's All About Love

Our last week in California was busy with a final senior missionary family home evening at the mission home,

comforting a widow and attending the funeral,
zone conference and final goodbyes with members and missionaries alike.

We are going to miss all of you! Thanks for opening your hearts and homes to us!

Then it was time to repack our suitcases and fly home to a warm welcome from Elder’s siblings at the airport.
Probably the hardest part of that day for me was when our Stake President released us as full-time missionaries. Of course I cried as I took off my badge. What an honor and privilege it was to wear that badge every day of our mission!

Two of our daughters (one solo and one with her family) came in town over the next few days, as did a couple of Elder’s cousins from Utah.  You add in my brother and his family
along with Elder’s siblings and their families

plus some friends outside our ward and it was a full house at church on March 26th. The support felt great—thanks for coming!

Since that time, we have been very busy visiting our dear family members and friends.
We’ve been able to spend a couple days with each of Elder’s siblings, my brother and sister, and a full week with my parents, where we got some much needed rest.

Reconnecting with them all in person has been a sweet experience.

Since it is springtime here in Colorado, we even got some snow to play in!

A few people have shared that I seem changed. I certainly hope so! Our mission was a powerful experience in my life. As I reflect back over our mission, I am filled with gratitude, appreciation and love. Yes, it’s all about love.

I think back to our decision 2 years ago now to go on a mission—mainly because we love the Lord and want to share the love we feel from Him with others. Or as John says it:

1 John 4:19:  We love him, because he first loved us.

I didn’t know two years ago how much I would experience and grow in my understanding of the power of love, especially the power of God’s love for each one of us individually—His children here on earth. I believe it is the motivating force behind everything He has done and will yet do for us. The more fully I open my heart and soul to receiving it and sharing it, the more joy I experience in my life—even during the challenging times.  And thankfully we don’t have to be perfect to be lovable—nor do we have to be perfect to be useful to the Spirit in helping to do His work here on earth. And though I loved being a full time missionary, living that simple and focused life, I also know that all of us can receive His love and help do His work wherever we might be.

Thanks for letting us share our missionary journey with you. We have felt your prayers and support. God bless us all, everyone!